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Sonny Luypaert

CEO Europe

Sonny Luypaert an executive leader with over 20 years of experience in finance, controlling, process improvements and corporate governance for multinational organizations – headquarters and local offices/branches in various industries.

Sonny holds licenses and certificates (CFE, RFA, PI, MBA) and is President of the Associations of Certified Fraud Examiners Belgium where she collects, develops and spreads knowledge on fraud and fraud investigations. Sonny provides training for professionals to become CFE certified as well as anti-fraud matters and ethics best practices.

She has worked in banking, insurance, consulting, healthcare, FMCG and production environments and cooperated with captains of industry at, amongst others, Accenture, The Boston Consulting Group and Baxter Healthcare. She has held roles as Director, CFO, Secretary of the board and Regional controller, ensuring continuity of the business and improvement of processes and workflows, coaching and empowering individuals, working towards collaboration while implementing change projects.

As an advisor, Sonny helps organisations defend against financial risks, reputational damage and fraud and has developed her own business strategy, the ARROW-model, as the key to optimal results.

She firmly beliefs that the success of an organization depends on its people. “Trust and take care of them while maintaining the company’s targets”. With an analytical mind, she combines work processes, procedures, organizations and systems – using a helicopter view with the capability to drill down to details when required.

Her licenses and certificates (CFE, RFA, PI, MBA) allow her to recommend and implement process efficiencies and perform risk assessments & investigations. Sonny developed a mini-SOX kit as a smart support for unlisted companies, conducted SOX audits and collaborated at multiple occasions with internal and external audit teams.

Her credo : Manage change while being passionate about people.

Ready for the Whistleblowing-challenge!

Sonny Luypaert
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