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WislPort Products

Our subscription modules have been designed by the team that built ISO37002. They enable your organisation to meet their requirements simply, effectively and in compliance with laws and regulations including the EU Directive on Whistleblowing.

Our policy writing service saves you time and effort and delivers the basis for your compliance in just two working days and tailored to your specific organisational requirements.

WislPort Products

  • Simple, Effective, Compliant

    Annual Price

    Every year
    Access all our modules in one location
    • Whistleblowing Programme User Handbook
    • Operating Model, Role Descriptions, Interview Checklist
    • Policy Template
    • Comprehensive ISO37002 Audit Module
    • Communications Templates
    • Staff AND Management Training Templates
    • Triage Module
    • Investigations' Terms of Reference Module
    • Annual People Survey
  • Policy Creation

    • A fully compliant policy in line with best practice
    • Completed in 2 working days from receipt of company details
    • Your choice of language
    • Aligns to ISO37002 for recognised best practice
    • Specifically tailored to your organisation
    • Supports laws including EU Whistleblowing Directive

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Wislport provide online training and in person training

Reporting Channes

Industry leading, safe and secure reporting channels

TrIAGE Service

Professionally handled triage by WislPort for your whistleblowing reports

Health Check

Ensure your whistleblowing programme is safe and effective. Aligned to ISO37002

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